Originally Posted by eringobragh. Midway through the 2nd generation, relief cuts were added to the rear cutout area for the locking block. All Glock pistols the size of the model 19 or smaller were fitted with serrated triggers for importation, although it’s not uncommon for their owners to prefer the smoother trigger and retrofit the parts since they are interchangeable. The Glock 37 is a .45 GAP version of the Glock 17. Customer Service The two characteristic proof mark logos appeared on the frames, slides, and barrels while additional markings, such as a three letter manufacturer’s code and a pentagon appeared on the barrel only. While a strict serial number sequence is an inexact assumption, an accurate time line of importation for serialized firearms can be dated through records available from Glock. Contact To contact Glock Corporation to directly ask about a specific serial number call (770) 432-1202 or toll free at (866) 225-4098 The slide should be marked Austria also. Asking $50 obo each. Prior to reaching the end of the two-letter serial number ranges, a second line was added to the upper cartouche on the grip of the pistol which now read: Right around the time of the rollover from two-letter serial numbers to three-letter series, the internal parts of the pistol changed from being mostly black in color to silver. The Glock model numbers appeared sequentially although some models like the select fire 18 and the .380 models (25 and 28) are less common due to NFA and import restrictions. Gaston Glock may have not known that he was helping to create what would become the world’s most popular handgun when he called together some of Europe’s top engineers in the early 1980’s. Remember if you live in the U.S. M = M Series N = Night sight R = Rebuilds FET OUT T = RTF2 X = Crossover (used on the 19X and 43X) Pistol Model – PI 23 50202T. View All. If you would like to search stolen-property.com in order to determine if a specific Glock has been reported stolen on this site, you may do so by entering the serial number in the upper right corner of this page. Shotgun Shells Explained – Types Of Ammo (Birdshot, Buckshot, Slugs) Best Remington 700 Upgrades That is the serial number and the letters are just a way to get shorter serial numbers. Glock firearm serial number lookup. In case of my Glock (born&raised in Austria) that's MB XXX LDO, which translates to a manufacture date of February '90. Is there anyplace I can check the Gen of the pistol using the serial number? By using letters they can get 26, A-Z. The Glock 37 first appeared in 2003. Heres a couple of numbers for them. corton93 Member. Joined: May 21, 2015 Messages: 84 Location: Birmingham AL. Grip shape and texture on generation 1, 2, and 3 Glock 17 pistols seen with corresponding generations of magazine floor plates. The purpose of this list serial to be a resource for people who wonder what the "born-on" date of their Glock is, and to provide a historical record, which, lookup ever it is complete lookup, can indicate some lookup about caliber trends, model popularity, production changes, etc. Magazine floor plates are of two distinct types: early versions for the Non-Fully Metal Lined (NFML) magazines and later ones for the Fully Metal Lined (FML) magazines also known as ‘drop-free’ because their greater rigidity causes them to be less likely to stick in the magazine well than their predecessors. The addition of a slight “thumb rest” at the upper edge of the grip is also among these third generation features and this particular feature relates to U.S. importation criteria. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on 'Search' to identify your model. Shooting Glock-17. As of this writing, current new production Glock pistols bear serial numbers with a four letter and three number combination, a testament to the brand’s success and longevity over the past quarter century. Click on a term to search for related topics. Some of the larger 10mm/.45 ACP models were made with “Short Frames” (SF) that had a grip back strap/palm swell that was reduced in size. Looking at a used Glock 19 Gen 4, I'm curious about when it was made. Glock Model 26, 9mm caliber, serial numbers DGU, DHR DKU. Customer Service The website is straight forward and all you have to do is type in the serial number to your gun and BAM you are presented with the date of creation, simple as that. The Taurus Model Number Lookup System will help you find detailed information about your Taurus Gun. Glock Date Codes By Serial Number. Glock Serial Barrel Number Lookup I have received many letters when I launched. I sent my daughter a Glock 17 and now all of a sudden it seems Gen is important in California. The carbon look thermoplastic is a Crazy. Used so I dont have any papers with it. For this reason, all subsequent magazines were made with this additional forward cutout, although the military competition never happened and these design features have not been repeated on subsequent models. That "mujglock" link is for decoding proof mark dates, not serial number prefixes. With just the info the OP provided, I wouldn't touch this gun with a 10ft pole. Glock also made pistols for special occasions and they would have unique serial numbers. Glock pistols are categorized into four distinct generations (with a 4th ultimately being officially acknowledged by the gun’s markings). The first dating is for the month: Jan L Feb N Mar B Apr S May Z Jun G Jul SWITCH Aug I Sep LOOKUP Oct V Nov A Dec The serial two letters are for the year: The "gen-prefix runs It is subject to lookup as serial data become available. Visit the link above to find out when your Marlin firearm was manufactured. Early generation 2 pistols were model 17’s and 19’s that retained the two single line grip cartouches on the right side, the 17/19 mold marks on the left, and Austrian proof marks of the generation 1 models, but not all had the silver colored serial number insert plate. (You must click the 'search' button to get your results. Generation 3 Glock Features Generation 3 Glocks incorporated all of the feature changes listed above and changed very little in the years to come. WARNING: don't enter code from pistol's serial number, but code from barrel! A more accurate description would be to say the changes listed here occurred during a watershed period during the middle of the second generation. The NFML (left) and FML (right) magazine floor plates are not interchangeable with each other due to a difference in width of their mounting points. While I believe it is possible for a serial number prefix to have more than one date code it may not be possible to have more than the letter prefix of the. Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. concealed carry, concealed carry pistols, glock19, glock 43, glock17 Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup will work with any Glock pistol: Enter three letters of the serial (barrel) number on your Glock firearm: It enables you to check production date of a glock using the serial number from the barrel. The first Glock pistols imported into the U.S. came with serial numbers beginning with a two letters followed by the typical three numbers and a “US” suffix indicating they were for export to the United States. Hypothetically, were the people at Glock, Inc. to discover an old batch of early generation 2 serialized frames; they would surely complete these upgrades before assembling them into pistols to be sold as new. Apr 24, 2019. homepage Info about MujGLOCK club: MujGLOCK club kinds of membership online membership form MujGLOCK members condition MujGLOCK training. I own and frequently carry a Glock 36. When it rolled over at AA999 they began again at AB000 up to ZZ999. 'E', 'P'). Make sure all three serial numbers on the pistol match exactly. Pat. The list of generation 2 changes above can be described sequentially based on the assumption of the serial numbers being sequential although this may not strictly be true. Known anomalies to this logic are: 10 = 19T 12 = 17R 15 = 17T 16 = 17L. Glock handguns are semi-automatic pistols with polymer frames, which are plastic frames. I will transfer the raw data to someone who will spend the time to update it everyday. These black serial number plates were used in the early Generation 2 Glock 19 pistols in the same serial number ranges as their Generation 1 Glock 17 siblings. The brief advent of the Glock 21 SF with ambidextrous magazine release required a new magazine design incorporating a cutout on the front face of the magazine wall. View All. The models 20 and 21 were the first of the wide frame sizes made to accommodate the 10mm Auto and .45 ACP cartridges, respectively. So they have a batch of 1,000 pistols that are serial numbered from BSW000 to BSW999, then 1,000 that are BSX000 to BSX999, and so on. However, be assured it is indeed a Glock. Toni Morrison Sula First published in 1973 It is sheer good fortune to miss somebody long before they leave you. Shotgun Shells Explained – Types Of Ammo (Birdshot, Buckshot, Slugs) Best Remington 700 Upgrades JavaScript is disabled. They also have short recoil when you shoot them, which means they are easier to aim for better accuracy. Visit the link above to find out when your Marlin firearm was manufactured. FAX: 770-433-8719. Also, after rigorous and extensive testing, the new number proves to be more durable and has a longer useful life. Some Glocks were made in Austria, and proof marked to be sold in Europe. Buy Your GLOCK Pistol Online or Visit an Authorized Dealer Today!

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