Just about every quilt ever made has a backing. Remember the 8" of width would be centered with 4" showing on each side. If it uses up extra fabric and/or blocks left over from the front of quilt. Extra Wide Quilt backs to make your quilting easier. That is for both fabrics, the original backing and the fabric you are adding. Quilters use extra wide fabrics for beautiful, seamless quilt backing. They are an integral, necessary element to our quilts. Fat Quarter Shop has one of the largest selections I’ve seen. So I had to bring out my little home sewing machine, place it on my Dad's old rolling typewriter stand ( squeaky wheels and chipped ivory paint ) and sew on the additional backing fabric. For my “Prismatic Star” quilt the backing fabric was not wide enough by itself so I made up the extra inches with a set of stripes using the remaining 2.5 inch strips that I used for the front pattern. The quilt backs are then pieced as follows: BASIC PIECING USING 45 INCH WIDE FABRIC. This backing is 108" wide; 100% cotton quilting fabric; Perfect for one piece quilt backs; Sort By Newest Items. As long as your quilt is 100″ in length, using a 108″ piece for backing should work for you! Here is what I found that would help keep the quilt squared up and the backing long enough. To make the 44″ up wide fabric up to the standard size of a queen quilt width (about 54-60″) then you’ll need to add 10-16″ to … Shop our selection of extra wide fabric for quilt backings, bedding, draperies and more. Seam allowances are 1/2" instead of 1/4". More people than ever are learning how to make their very own quilts at home. - Page 2. try to add differnent fabric the quilt on top and botton then it will look like that is the way you wanted it. Then there is the matter of how to piece batting together when it is cut too short? When the backing fabric is washed and dried then the piece(s) you are adding should be washed and dried also so they shrink the same when washed and dried. Plus there was very little fabric to hold on to since I was nearly at the bottom. Pinterest. Click here if you want to compare backing pricing and sizes on Amazon. You all know the rule. Or a backside. That means if your quilt top is 60" x 70" then the backing is 68" x 78". Especially if we machine quilt for customers. However, if you must piece 44-inch wide lengths of fabric together to make your backing large enough, use the hints below to reduce stress on the quilt (and if you’re using a longarm machine for the project, to reduce stress on the quilter!) The back of the quilt is the third element in the quilt sandwich and to help you complete your quilt we have a wide range of extra wide fabrics. For instance, a 60” x 70” quilt needs about 4 yards to piece a backing from 44” wide fabric. Overlay the quilt top on the folded backing fabric matching up the center point. With only 288" (8 yards of fabric) this is where the problem lies. Easy to follow instructions for piecing together fabric to be used on the back of a quilt. Joann Fabric and Crafts is a popular brick and mortar store, but if you don’t live near one or yours doesn’t carry what you need, the online store has no shortage of great extra wide fabric options. Then, when you re-position it back on the leader, it remains squared up on the roller. Please leave your suggestions in the comments You can also share this article with a quilty friend :), Here is the link to our video, be sure to share :) https://youtu.be/2kofpUl91h0. Cut the selvages off if you have left them on. They do not shrink the same as the body of the fabric without selvages. If you ever have to do this be sure to mark the right and left sides of the backing where it is located on the leader. Selection is limited. I recommend if you have zippers, unzip the quilt and sew the pinned backing pieces together. If your quilt is more than 40 inches wide, you’re either going to have to buy a wide backing fabric or you’re going to have to seam your standard fabric to create the necessary width. Because there is not enough yardage to cut three lengths, I won't take the time to subtract the seam allowances for this example. Fold both the quilt top and quilt back in quarters. What do you do when the quilt backing is cut too short? Or visa versa. Please note, we will cut the fabric as ONE continuous piece unless otherwise specified in the comments at checkout.) You may have enough fabric to use several pieces for the additional backing piece, be sure to square it up as your are piecing everything together. The backing should be 8" larger in each direction for longarm machine quilting. You can piece it for many reasons and here are just a few: If you don’t wish to purchase wide backing fabric. 428 Products . Fingers crossed, deep breath...it worked. You'll quilt this on your own home sewing machine. Quilt Backing Fabric. Ask your local quilt shop to stock wide back fabrics or shop online. That way you are guaranteed to have enough backing and batting for your machine quilting project. Thanks. Next cut both layers at the same time in a shallow serpentine wave, discarding the outer edges. If your backing is too short, your batting may be too short as well if cut the same size. use bobbin thread that blends with the backing fabric. I press them open and use a shorter—1.5mm—stitch length to piece them. To illustrate how the backing and batting fabric need to be longer than the quilt top by about 7 inches is shown here as I rolled a magazine up and you can clearly see that the back cover page is much shorter than the front cover page. (EX: If you are wanting to order 2.5 yards, select (2) FULL YARDS and (1) HALF YARD or select (5) HALF YARDS. I admit it. If you pin to your leaders and do not want to unpin them from the leaders then take itty-bitty stitches by hand from one end to the other. Using Extra Wide Fabric. Shop flannel, quilting cotton, and batik quilt backing. To determine the minimum size needed, add 4" to each side of your quilt top measurements. BE SURE TO USE A THREAD COLOR MATCHING THE BATTING COLOR. That means add 8" to the width and 8" to the length and cut your backing and batting fabric to those dimensions. Free Shipping on domestic orders $49+ and free returns. Lengthwise might be okay since if you have 2.5 yards of fabric, then you’ll have about 90″. Pin the two outside corners and then pin the centers together and pin in between as needed. (Of course, when in doubt, talk to your longarm quilter!) Help! If you feel you cannot cut the fabric you are adding straight, rip it WOF (Width Of Fabric). 3 Things will effect how much batting and backing is taken up as it rolls around the take-up roller. There are also special wide backing fabrics that most quilt shops carry. Free Shipping on domestic orders $49+ and free returns. While it seems to be obvious to purchase enough fabric to begin with, it is not always easy to decide how much you need. Sort & Filter . Pieced backings, on the other hand, are made by piecing together smaller sized fabrics until they’re large enough for use as a quilt backing. Create Something to Last Forever: How to Select Timeless Quilting Fabric. The backing should be. As the quilt is rolled around the take up roller during the machine quilting process, it rolls the backing to the outside making is a larger dimension that the inside dimension of the top fabric. If the quilt is wider than the normal 45” fabric (it is also a good idea to measure the exact width of the fabric you are purchasing as widths vary from 40-45”), then you will need two lengths, i.e if your quilt top is 70x85, add 8” each way making it 78x93, then you will need 93” times two, or 186”. I have always favored overlapping about 4 to 5 inches of the new batting you are adding on top of the bottom 5 inches of old batting. Quilting has always been a prevalent pastime, but as of late, its popularity has soared. Wide back fabrics are usually 108” wide. How much piecing is in the body of the quilt which adds additional thickness from the seam margins. Quilt Backing Fabrics. In this method, coordinating fabric is purchased in a sufficient amount to create a quilt backing large enough to fit the bed size. Quilting Board Quilting Tools Quilting Tutorials Machine Quilting Quilting Projects Quilting Designs Quilting Ideas Crazy Quilting Longarm Quilting. What you’d do, is have the 115 cm piece of fabric in the centre, then you’d cut 2 strips of fabric 43 cms wide and join onto each side of the centre 115cm piece. That way you are guaranteed to have enough backing and batting for your machine quilting project. How To Hide Knots On The Backing Fabric... Shop Quilt Backing and Extra Wide fabric at Fabric.com! If you are using wide quilt backing then purchase enough so that you can orient the backing correctly for this scenario. Not enough backing fabric! Thank you so very very much for taking the time to learn about batting and backing dimensions so this does not happen to you. When I baste the quilt, I am careful to gently stretch the minky just a tiny bit and tape it in place on my floor (or you can use tables for easier accessibility if you have one large enough). That means add 8" to the width and 8" to the length and cut your backing and batting fabric to those dimensions. Now it is time to sew the two pieces together. Since you will be purchasing many different fabrics for your quilt, you can easily get confused and mix up which fabric you intended for which location. Stay Safe ~Sally, Quilt Backing Fabric Is Too Short and How I Fixed It. I've put ALL of the ones shared on this website on a single page to help you save some time. We are busy shipping to customers everyday, tho there may be a shipping delay. Terry Twist is a Registered Trademark of Sally Terry Brand Products. The strips are alternated and sewn together to create the backing 'fabric'. You can simply shop around for quilt backs. Piecing it together often takes up a lot of time and effort. Here is the link to our video, be sure to share :), We are participants in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, (C)1999-2020  All Text and Sally Terry(R)  LLC Brand Products and Images (we've been in business 21 years). Sally Terry Designs began in 1999, instructing machine quilting, quilting for others, authoring books, and helping all piecers and quilters with creative patterns, techniques and classes they love. Lovely and charming quilt backs can make a difference in your quilt sandwich. Narrow By . That’s probably large enough for the longest side of your quilt. This is way easier than trying to trim to the same length later. If you are short on fabric and need to piece it together to make it big enough We start off this video with examples of good and bad backing choices.Go to your fabric stash and make a selection. A lot of people swear by wide quilt backing fabric. Copyright © 2008-2021 Generation Quilt Patterns, LLC, Exactly the answer to my problem and expertly explained. That's for two reasons: I use the excess to wrap around to the top to protect the raw edges from the in and out from under the needle. Thicker batting will create a greater dimension as it rolls around the take up roller. Wide Backs. (This is my preference.) Have been happily sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could put a needle in my hand. The only downside? The backing and batting is simply too short. And if you want to hide the knots on the back, use backing fabric that blends with the bobbin thread. Especially when the quilt is meant to hang on a wall, it's a good thing to have the stronger, lengthwise grain run from top to bottom to reduce stretching or sagging over time. This post contains affiliate links for which I receive compensation. I normally don't purchase fabric.. the only fabric I buy is backing and I usually buy the very wide fabric, and when I don't, my fabric store figures out how much i need and that's what I buy and they are always spot on! I thought I knew "enough" about most topics related to quilting and quilt fabric. In most cases, you should assume that the fabric requirements on the back of a quilt pattern will not be enough to pattern match your backing. So let's talk about backings, 108" wide backings in particular. Not enough backing fabric! I truly hope this illustrates how important that 1" at the top and 7" of batting and backing at the bottom is to the overall successful outcome of turning a quilt top into a wonderful warm cuddly quilt without having the backing cut too short so you must splice the batting and or backing together. I did this by stitching as I rolled the cart about 6 inches at a time down the length of the rollers...LOL . 108 inch Quilt Backing Advantages. It comes in widths from 108″ to 120″, and that means you don’t usually need to seam it. 5-INCH WIDE BY 108-INCH LONG FOR BORDERS, BINDINGS AND MORE… DID YOU KNOW, 2 1/2 yards of 108″ Quilt Backings fabric is equal to 6 yards of 45-inch fabric? Measure the width of the backing fabric that is too short. - but I knew enough to make relatively informed decisions about which These fabrics are usually 108" wide and are often much simpler in design than the fabrics for the front of the quilt. The one thing you can do, to make sure the backing fabric is not too short, is measure the quilt top and add 8" to each dimension. Leftover 2.5 inch strips are also a natural fit for filling in space on the back of a quilt. Check out our backing tips for design ideas, longarm tutorials, and more! I enjoyed writing this article. Use the same measurements for your batting. When loaded properly there should be 4" of batting extending on either side of the quilt top. The one thing you can do, to make sure the backing fabric is not too short, is measure the quilt top and add 8" to each dimension. When the bottom edge of the original loaded fabric is not straight, then rip it WOF as well. However, I was at a Discount Foam and Fabric store and found some $1 fabric that I thought "would do" for this big quilt. . That gives you plenty of area at the bottom for the backing fabric to roll around the take-up roller. Because quilt fabric is not wide enough to fit most bed quilt sizes, it is necessary to piece the back. This is a great place to practice designs, test out thread tension and thread colors. How long is the quilt because each wrap creates more thickness as it rolls the backing to the outside.

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